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Write your Bestseller

Everything you need to know to become a published author

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23-24 Sep’22

Do you know what’s the toughest thing about writing a book? Getting started!

We all have a story to tell and experiences that others can learn from, but most often we hold back… “What if my idea isn’t good enough?” “What if no one wants to publish it?” “What if no one buys it when it’s out in the market?”

Or we think that it might be too much and we might not be able to do it at all… “What if I can’t find the time to write?” What if it takes years to get the book out?” “Maybe I just don’t have the discipline!”

Well we have just the thing to help you overcome your inhibitions and get started on that bestseller.

The Book to Business Program is designed to shape your idea into a compelling narrative, give you insider tips on how to pitch to publishers, and help you understand the nuances of getting that manuscript ready this year!

What people say about the
Book to Business Program

Gowri S. Ramani

Founder, Lumen Coaching | Director, ICF Global Standards & Credentials Board – International Coaching Federation

“I’m really glad I came for this. I have been working on a book idea for a while. I’ve started some research but beyond that I had no idea how it would translate into something that the reader can hold in his/ her hand. This retreat has crystallised that for me.”

Janelle Christa

Author, ScreenWriter, Producer, Actress

“Writing is a very personal experience that can be very frustrating and challenging. As an author, you pour your heart, soul, dedication, and courage into your books. Supriya Jain made me a better writer, and not just on my current projects—but for the rest of my future writing career! I cannot thank you enough!! You are truly remarkable and very gifted at what you do. Nothing but love for you!”

Sriram S.

Director & Head HR, LEAP Expert

“The kind of clarity that came to be is amazing… I liked the design of the sessions… Learned a lot about marketing, publishing, and making the right pitch.”

Rohit MS

Co-Founder, Zensciences

“It’s been a journey of discovery – the how-tos and whys of writing a book. The biggest takeaway for me has been understanding the various facets that are involved in writing a book and how does one go about publishing it. There’s so much more that comes AFTER writing a book. That was fantastic.”

Advit Sahdev

Founder Hunch, India’s Most Popular CMO, CNBC Young Turk

“Great experience. Few things I realized over here that were completely mind blowing. I was able to pinpoint my target audience. I understood the mode in which I need to proceed further. What could have been a never ending process is now extremely clear.”

Sandeep J Matthew

Supriya has been extremely helpful in my journey as a writer. She took my rudimentary thoughts and guided me on making them high-impact written pieces. Her feedback was crisp and to the point and her comments were never misplaced even once. Every single feedback she shared was incredibly useful, and I was proud of the final outcomes. They’ve helped evoke some great conversations and comments and none of it would have been possible without Supriya.”

Take your market cred to the next level

Hey there,

I’m Supriya and I’ll be your coach on this journey to write your bestseller book. As a storyteller, marketer, author, and TEDx speaker I have worked with global coaches and business leaders to bring out their message. It’s been my pleasure to help make many a book a reality for their authors in a short timeframe. From hashing out ideas, to crafting the story, to editing I have worked on all aspects of book writing. I have also been recognized as one of the Top Book Coaches by the Coach Foundation.

Writing a book is a must do if you are a business leader, coach, or influencer. A book can catapult your business and market cred to the next level. Authoring a book gives you a different level of subject authority and visibility. What’s more, you can expand your business model around the book, introducing new offerings and new client engagement programs.

Contrary to belief, writing a book doesn’t have to take years. Our “Book to Business” program is designed to get your dream book out in print in a matter of months. I’m very excited to take you through this journey of becoming a published author. So if you have the inclination to give your story a voice – sign up now!


5 things you need to know before you write your book

Watch this video to understand what’s crucial to your book’s success. We are talking money, marketing, and publishing pitfalls!

watch now

Decode Book Writing

Understand the process of writing a non-fiction book and the best practices

Shape your Book

Hash out the details – the title, the outline, the story, the promotion plan etc.

Understand Publishing

Figure out publishing models and what works best for you

Pitch Perfect

Get a publisher pitch ready even before you actually start your book!

Find out what makes a bestseller

Get insights on how to market your book

Make a Plan

Commit to goals and timelines to get the draft out

Everything you need to write your bestseller!

  • Insights from the trenches, learn about book writing from someone who has done it many times
  • A detailed plan to create your bestseller and an outline you can immediately start working on
  • Extensive worksheets that help you define the idea of your book
  • One-on-one time to answer your questions
  • An opportunity to network with fellow coaches /leaders /influencers and potential authors and swap stories

What we cover in various modules

Getting inside the idea

  • Understanding you, your book, and your process

Power of storytelling

  • How to write a non-fic that appeals to the reader
  • What makes a powerful story
  • How to curate stories from your life experiences
  • How to write a title that’ll have your books flying off the shelves

Creating your book outline

  • Why is outlining important
  • How to define the building blocks of your manuscript
  • How to structure your narrative
  • Refine your idea and key messages that you want to send out to your audience

Makings of a Bestseller

  • Why writing the book is just the beginning
  • What makes a bestseller
  • The truth about bestseller lists
  • How to create a marketing strategy for your book
  • How to translate your book to business

Publish like a pro

  • What goes on in the publishing world
  • What type of publishing should you opt for
  • Why is a publisher pitch THE most important document you need
  • What are the essential building blocks for a publisher pitch

Power through the process

  • What are the challenges that might hold you back
  • What is the process that would work for you

Become a part of the Book to Business Academy

Coffee Conversations

On the fence about writing a book? Wondering if it’s the right time? Busting myths and filled with Eureka moments, this 3-hour interactive workshop will answer all your #Bookwriting queries and take you from chaos to clarity on what writing a bestseller can do for you.

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1:1 Coaching

Have a book in your head but don’t know where to start? Intimidated by the book writing process and need some friendly guidance? Breaking barriers, overcoming limitations, the Exclusive 1:1 Coaching can be a game-changer that gets you well on your way to writing that bestseller.

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Book to Business Livestream

Can’t be a part of the writer’s paradise Book to Business Retreat? Hop on the waitlist for the Livestream, an in-depth unraveling of the nuances of book writing, all the way from writing to publishing. Interact with a global cohort of extraordinary individuals sharing your goals of becoming a published author.

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Book to Business Retreat

Tranquility, harmony, and creativity. Discover what serene destinations can do to the writer in you. Hop on the waiting list for our curated Book to Business Retreat, where the beauty of nature and powerful conversations with like-minded high vibe individuals from different walks of life set your creative juices flowing.

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Become a part of the Book to Business Academy

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Learn From The Best

Supriya Jain

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Supriya is an award winning marketer and storyteller. A single mom to a feisty 4-year old baby boy and a laid-back 6-year old Labrador, Supriya thrives on new ideas and experiences that have the potential to change the world. Her passion is telling stories that matter, building meaningful connections, and serving the community in whatever way she can.

An entrepreneur at heart, she stepped out of a lucrative corporate career to follow her passion. She has consulted over 60 large B2B and B2C clients as well as startups on their brand messaging, story, and content strategy and has facilitated over 500 hours of learning.

In the last 15 years, she has helped build the voice of multiple brands, created her own businesses, and helped people on their author journeys. Her skill with words has made her the voice of many CEOs and Chairpersons in leading organizations. She has personally been published on reputed platforms such as the World Economic Forum on a variety of topics including technology, entrepreneurship, and women centric issues. Today she is a book coach who guides aspiring authors to fulfil their publishing dreams.

Know more about her at www.supriyajain.com or find her on Instagram.

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