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Careless choices rarely create an impact. Sustainable transformation comes through awareness and understanding of one’s strengths and specific strategies to leverage those over time. I work with teams and professionals of all ages and at all stages in their careers to help them bring about profound changes that enhance their performance, productivity, presence, and drive lasting impact.

Augment Your Performance


Do you feel your team has hit a performance plateau? Is there a dearth of new ideas and lack of momentum? This module uses a fun and engaging activity to get your team thinking innovatively. We help them bring in the principles of the entrepreneurial mindset to work and achieve seemingly impossible gains with a marginal gains approach.

  • Great for team offsites
  • Experiential learning at its best
  • Deep concepts made simpler
  • Real, actionable takeaways
  • Ideal for roles in an organization

Build your personal brand

In this age of digital media, an individual’s personal brand holds a lot of weight for the business they attach themselves to. Think Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Sunder Pichai – all of them thought leaders in their space. This module will help you define your personal brand by identifying your social persona, your ideal channels of communication, and charting out an action plan.

  • Ideal for business leaders, entrepreneurs, gig-workers, and consultants
  • Available in both online and offline modules
  • Custom 6-month action plan to build your personal brand
  • Content support available on demand

Create the ultimate resume

A resume is like a story, it must engage people and grab their attention. It’s also a marketing tool for you as a brand. A good resume gets the hiring manager to pick up the phone and call you – because they cannot resist the temptation of having you on board. But still, most of the resumes we see are dull, drab, boring, and get lost in a sea of applications. Don’t let your story go unnoticed! This program will help you create an exceptional resume that will grab eyeballs, pique recruiter interest, and boost your chances to get that dream job or project that you have been eyeing.

  • A whole new approach to writing a CV
  • Detailed exercises to help you put your best story forward
  • Increase your chances of getting an interview
  • Showcase freelance expertise and explain career breaks
  • Online module helps you learn at your convenience
  • Easy to use templates

21st Century Skills

Looking to create teams that thrive in the 21st Century? Then this set of programs is just for you. Tailored to specific learning needs of your employees and teams this program is highly customizable with modules that cover collaboration, communication, social skills, problem solving, leadership etc.

  • A collection of modules catering to key 21st century skills
  • Highly customizable
  • Available as standalone modules or a comprehensive 2-day program
  • Experiential learning at its best
  • Real, actionable takeaways

Find your authentic story

Stories inspire us, mesmerize us, and stay with us. From the dawn of time, stories have shaped human civilization, and they continue to do that even today. This program is dedicated to finding and curating your brand and/or personal stories.

  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Learn from master storytellers and coaches who are living their passion and purpose
  • Learn to share your story with conviction and confidence

Nail that talk

Public speaking can be a daunting task for many. You may have an excellent story, but unless you tell it well, no one is listening! In this one-on-one session, I help you build the material for your talk, curate it to let your story shine through, and help you deliver it in a way that will leave a lasting impact on your audience.

  • Guided and structured approach to help build the best material for your talk
  • One on one session that’s customized to your needs
  • Focus on diction, posture, emphasis, modulation etc. to help you deliver a mesmerizing talk
  • Option of online or offline connect

Fireside chats and talk sessions

In these sessions I share my story and experiences to motivate people and help them find meaning in their work and life. My talks are centered around building resilience, thriving with change, the cost of extraordinary dreams, the power of choice, and the pursuit of happiness. I also talk about balancing work and life, parenting, dealing with grief, and women centric issues.

Learning is human nature. When you go through an experience you learn something from it – willingly or unwillingly. And when you face similar situations again, you apply that learning – consciously or unconsciously – to improve the outcomes. In this module we talk about how to actively seek areas of opportunity and capitalize on them for long term gains.

Ready to skyrocket your team’s performance at work?

What people say

Supriya is an excellent instructor. I have attended many of her informative sessions. Her enthusiasm for her work is infectious and keeps the participants involved. She is very patient in explaining the concepts. I have definitely benefited from her sessions.


IT Consultant

As a facilitator Supriya has a brilliant command on the subject and strong delivery skills which make her come across as a powerful trainer.


Learning lead at a consulting firm

Working with Supriya on a coaching plan for our team was eye opening. She customized the sessions to achieve learning outcomes we needed and kept people engaged throughout.


founder of a stealth mode gaming startup

I was looking for some inspiration when I was starting my dessert cafe and luckily found it in Supriya. She’s helping me curate a story for my business and the progress we’ve made is mind-blowing.


Founder, Videsi Desserts

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Ready to augment your performance?

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