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A Piece of Him:

The book

About the Book

This is the story of my life, an honest account of living through grief and hopefully conquering it. My husband, who was also my best friend for 15 years, passed away in a car accident. It was unexpected and shattering. There he was standing at the door one afternoon, waving me good-bye and the same evening he was dead. It was incomprehensible – still is.

This is a story of my fight to bring him back; to have his child – a miracle of faith and science.

This is a story of memories, grief, despair, bravery, craziness, and love. It’s also a story of fighting odds, prejudices, perceptions, and loneliness. Of being able to move on, yet not forgetting the long years of togetherness. Of how you realize the important things in life, and the lessons you learn. It’s my heart, out on paper.

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A Piece of Him: Origins

Writing was cathartic for me. When I was struggling to deal with the loss, it was a way to vent my grief. When I wrote about something, it helped me cleanse that emotion and perhaps look at it more objectively for a moment. When I started writing, a book wasn’t what I had in mind. It’s just through the years, it came together as a story, and I thought I’ll share it with people who are dealing with loss and grief and see if it helps them in some way. And that’s how the book came into being.


A book about happy beginnings!

I haven’t finished the book yet, but after having finished over a third of the author’s story, let me tell you – the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that her story is very personal, and Supriya manages to make it just as personal for you. And the reason? The story is not just the work of a crafty mind, but that of an honest heart. Not many of us, or in fact, any of us has the kind of ability to pen down what we’ve been through in a way that others can also understand (or try to). It’s simple, it’s touching, it’s painful – but I know, this one has a very happy ending. Let me word it right – a very very happy beginning.

Jormund Elver

Not even death could make them part

This is one of the best, most tear-inducing nonfiction book that made me cry, It’s really touching! If I just feel it by reading the story in few hours, I don’t know how Supriya dealt with it all. This true love story conveys the message that anything is possible if we are willing to, Isn’t it? . This is a sad story no doubt but much better than a fairy tale, Supriya has a writing style that is so easy to grasp… and even the complexities of love were simplified. reminded me of those wonderful stories I was once fond of reading in the Reader’s Digest. Brought back those memories. Thank you so much for the lovely book.

Sneha Shashank

A must read…!!!

This book captures the essence of a brave soul’s battle with destiny. The well deserved victories against the odds of loss, loneliness, surrogacy and finally getting ‘a piece of him’, several years later!
A must read for everyone….

Jaya Nair

One true story that you should read

What does one do when they lose their most loved person suddenly and tragically? Some break down mentally and spiritually but some use that grief to brave on in life, with steely resolve. Here is Supriya’s journey to deal with tragic grief trying to find sense in life that has lost meaning. Here is inspiration for all who think they can’t continue in life. Here is a resolute woman who didn’t give up, who didn’t care about what others thought, and dealt with the toughest situations alone. Here is something all of us should be aware of – it’s love and memories that matter the most, nothing else. Read the book to know more, get inspired, cry, laugh and even know about topics like IVF and surrogacy.


A true story about love, life and loss. A tear-jerker that will remind you to live the moment.

“That’s why I write – to remember everything, to not forget, to tell our story as it was”.
A Piece of Him is a short but intense read of the journey of a woman who lost her husband in an accident, and with him, half of her life. The initial phases of loss, the hope to cope, the effort to make things better to make life work is penned down just as it happened. It is real and ordinary that makes you instantly relate to the book. This book will take you into the lives of Supriya and Gaurav that is filled with a little of everything. A must read.

Juveria Samrin

Beautiful real life story of pain and determination with a rare happy ending

The pain of losing someone you love dearly for many years is incomprehensible. I’ve suffered through heartbreak and it’s almost made me mad at least twice in my life. Supriya has lost her partner for life and to finally find him again in her miracle baby, his baby, 3 years after he passed away in a tragic car crash and the strength she has to keep going forward, and even writing about it, is just beyond what normal human beings are used to. She’s indeed a super human. I wish her all the best and I know her son will make good on her sacrifice and unflinching will some day.



Beautiful, touching story about overcoming loss and creating happiness. Must read for anyone who’s dealing with losing a loved one or struggling with fertility.

Puja Wahi

Touching, brave, for tears and for smiles

We wish for happiness at all times. We deserve it. But when catastrophic events lead to your world as you know change, only the bravest prevail. This book is about a young brave woman who lost her all and found a piece of her love. Read it to understand what love means. Share it to help others stay real.

sarah huda

“A piece of advice” don’t let this one go.

This book contains the way the cookie crumbles and Supriya’s grit and perseverance. Gaurav and Supriya simple yet compassionate love story. Supriya’s isolation, heartache, courage, surrogacy and sense of jubilance. In all, you will find this story truly inspiring.

Anup Padiyar

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