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Be Your Own Boss

Start your business on your own terms. Transform your entrepreneurial dreams into a viable venture with our 4-WEEK ACCELERATOR PROGRAM for first time entrepreneurs. Join us as we unravel the secrets to building a successful business of ONE. Create your blueprint to #BeUnstoppable.

Inaugural batch starts

20th Oct.

Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.

– Farrah Gray

2020 has been a tough year. There’s uncertainty around careers, job losses, and pay cuts. But maybe it’s an opportunity in disguise. Maybe it’s a way for the universe to tell you that better things than a corporate career are waiting for you. Maybe, it’s time to be your own boss.

Do you have an idea that is waiting to take shape? Do you long for the freedom to run your own show? Do you want to get away from the stress of climbing the corporate ladder or finding that next job? Are you tired of negotiating for the salary you deserve? Do you want to monetize your skills for additional income?

  • What if you could easily build a wildly successful business of one with minimal investment?

    Starting a business of your own doesn’t have to come with massive investments or risks. It doesn’t have to take years either. If you have the right direction, you can start your own venture today!

  • But, you might be wondering, “what if I fail?” After all, no one said doing business was easy right?

    WRONG! In just 4-weeks you could be in the driver’s seat of your own achievements, doing meaningful work that you love. Starting out as a solopreneur could be your ticket to a life full of purpose and abundance where you define your own success.

  • Well that sounds great, but how will I fit it into my schedule?

    If you’ve been thinking about building your own business but didn’t know how; you’ve come to the right place. The BE YOUR OWN BOSS accelerator program is designed for aspiring solopreneurs, first time entrepreneurs, and those who recently took tentative steps into their business. This highly effective program is flexible and can be taken at your own pace. So, even if you’re busy, you can tailor it to fit your schedule.

Now is the time to start living the life you always wanted. Are you ready to take that leap?



I am Supriya, founder of the Be Unstoppable movement that helps people achieve their goals without sacrificing what’s truly important in life.

I’ll be your guide on this journey to BE YOUR OWN BOSS, and I’m very excited to take you on this quest and introduce you to this fascinating world of solo warriors.

I started out as a solopreneur when I had a 3-month old baby and nothing in my bank account. I had just quit a venture that I had helped build from ground up and that grew 10x in a span of 3 years. Learning how to start a small business helped me achieve my life goals while making me a 7-figure income several times over.

I’ve spent over 13 years helping build 100’s of brands and businesses and it’s been an amazing learning experience. In this program I’ve distilled that learning into an easy to follow approach that could ensure the success of any solo venture that you are planning to build.

If you’re ready to be unstoppable, to create your own success, on your own terms – come join me on this 4-week roller-coaster of self exploration, transformation, and empowerment, all the while giving life to your dreams.


This is the right time to be your own boss

Up until recently, corporate jobs were considered better than building small, solo, businesses. Not anymore. Plagued with the problems of layoffs, restrictions on creativity, politics and hierarchy, large companies are not that attractive employment option any more. Every day there are thousands of people stepping up to start something of their own. And today the digital infrastructure supports solo businesses. You can set up a whole online store in just 30 min! And customer trust is high too. People are happy buying from freelancers and solopreneurs and in fact will go out of their way to support local businesses. All you need to know is how to start a small business and you are set!

So yes, this is the right time to monetize your skills and talent. There is opportunity everywhere. All you need to do is reach out and take it.

The perfect roadmap to building your own business

In these 4-weeks we’ll dive deep into building your business and setting it up for success.

  • Identify your ideal clients to be able to tailor your value proposition to them
  • Create a compelling value proposition that will create competitive differentiator and capture attention and interest for your business
  • Get a deeper understanding of the business you are trying to build by creating your business model canvas

  • Shape your idea into a viable offering and business model with tried and tested frameworks and techniques
  • Learn how to set up your business, how to price your products and services, how to run your business and other legal and operational requirements for a solopreneur
  • Spend some time on understanding what it takes to stick it out for the long game and how you can scale and grow your business without being overwhelmed

  • Learn how to create offerings that sell and how to build a long lasting relationship with your customers
  • Gear up to get clients and start generating revenues with insights into marketing, branding, storytelling, and making that perfect pitch
  • Create a stress-free, successful business for the long run by creating sustainable systems, processes, and habits.

Bonus if you sign up today

4 LIVE Group Calls With Supriya Jain and Juveria Samrin.

On these invite-only live calls, we will personally answer your questions, coach you, and expand on concepts within the program to give you everything you need to learn how to start your small business.

  • 11th Dec, 2020
  • 18th Dec, 2020
  • 08th Jan, 2021
  • 15th Jan, 2021

*All calls will occur from 6-7pm IST

Get Anytime, Anywhere Digital Access

What you get when you sign up

  • 13 Lessons delivered over 4-weeks to your inbox and member platform
  • Lifetime Access; join once and repeat as often as you want
  • Private Tribe Membership to inspire, grow, and learn from like-minded folks
  • Exclusive Bonus: 4 LIVE Integration Calls
  • 10 hours of impactful learning : 6 hours self paced + 4 hours live calls

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Meet Your Instructors

Supriya Jain

A single mom to a feisty 2-year old baby boy and a laid-back 4.5-year old Labrador, Supriya is a solopreneur who thrives on new ideas and experiences that have the potential to change the world. Her passion is telling stories that matter, building meaningful connections, and serving the community in whatever way she can. In the last 13+ years, she has helped build the voice of multiple brands, created her own businesses, and followed her passion for storytelling as a solopreneur.

Supriya is a firm believer in personal choices and how they shape the life we create for ourselves in the face of challenges and obstacles. She talked about the power of choice in her TEDx talk and how it has shaped her journey – a compelling narrative of personal resilience that is captured in her first book.

Featured in:

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Meet Your Instructors

Juveria Samrin

Juveria is a marketing expert and has over 14 years of industry experience. She will be a guest guide for the program. She loves the science behind building a brand, narrowing down the right audience who will buy from businesses and creating touch points for customer delight along the buyer journey. She has worked with some of the biggest brands in business and consulted start-ups. She brings in insight that can help businesses learn from, and mistakes from real life that businesses can avoid as they are starting up. She also loves to teach and is a champion for education. She has been a part of NGOs teaching at government schools in rural regions. She is a workaholic, and when she is not working, she is binge watching crime series or on the road, driving.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

When you complete your purchase, you’ll immediately be redirected to a thank you page that will also give you instructions on how to get your login details and how to join our private 4 week accelerator group on Facebook via your personal code.

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Why? - We’ll be communicating with you via e-mails, and we don’t want you to miss a single lesson, tool, and framework that we have prepared for you.

The first intake of the 4 week course starts on Saturday, 20th October, 2020. The subsequent dates will be announced on the website.

Yes, every participant will be able to directly access the LIVE group calls with Supriya and Juveria at the end of every week of the program. Also, your queries can be answered throughout the program on the Facebook group.

The calls will be hosted on Facebook.

The date and time of the calls will be announced on the Facebook group for course participants to join in.

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